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30 $HUNT Draw

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90% of $ADA goes to the the Prize Pool, 5% for Site + Server expenses, and 5% to our Dev partners.


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Round 1    /    Ticket #BRIAN77
135 Won!


Round 1    /    Ticket #LOL102Y
90 Won!


Round 1    /    Ticket #A12131M
45 Won!


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2023 / Upcoming Milestones
  • Conceptualize idea & overall functionality
  • Develop website & perform QA
  • Launch Live dApp
  • Further build team & community
  • Begin marketing strategy / outreach
2024 / Upcoming Milestones
  • Create partnerships & introduce more tokens
  • **Release CRON token
  • Extend community, user, & holder incentives
  • Increase number of daily raffles & games
  • TBD


CRONADA is a new Cardano dApp, where you can participate in Raffles & Games to win Prizes all day, every day! As of now, we're just getting started and will be focusing on $ADA & $HUNT Raffles only.. However, eventually, we'll be developing fun Games where you can compete with other players high scores to win great prizes every day!


Currently, we support $ADA & $HUNT! We'll also be adding additional Cardano Ecosystem Tokens for Raffles and Games. Check back very soon, as we'll be consistently updating and developing new feature!


Most major Cardano Browser Wallets are supported, however, we'd recommend Nami, Eternl, or Flint for the best interaction with our dApp.


Tickets vary from 10 ADA per ticket to 20 ADA per ticket, but we'll be adding more Raffles based on the Community's input. In addition, we'll be adding more Cardano Tokens. Atleast 90% (varies by token) of every Pot is Winninable by You! The other 10% goes into regular site expenses / maintenance and and Dev Partnerships.


Please give it atleast 30 minutes to receive your tickets after purchase. Sometimes, the blockchain is a bit lagged, which in turn may delay tickets from displaying. If your tickets are still not visible after 30 minutes, please reach out to our team on Twitter or Discord for support.


Winners are chosen 100% at random by our system. At the end of each round, the system randomizes a winner and adds them to the Champs list. The process is fully automated and can be viewed at the end of round transitions / showcases.


Absolutely! We're looking to add all sorts of fun games and raffles where users can win great prizes throughout the day! We're very excited about what's to come, as we're looking to always add more games and events for our Community.


Yes! As we continue to grow, we're looking to Partner with existing projects and tokens to host raffles for specific tokens / events, create games, and many other exciting things. There are many opportunities!


A CRON token is definitely in our sights. There's much to think about here, in terms of tokenomics and distribution.. In short, we'll let you know more very soon!


Join us on Twitter and Discord and come say Hello! As mentioned, we're just getting started, but would love for you to be a part of our growing Community!!